Dancing Doctor Brings Joy To Seriously Ill Children

One doctor from California is taking this ethos one step further, not only treating his patients medically but cheering them up by getting down and busting a move.

This pediatric physician assistant has danced into the hearts of his patients, after busting a move with seriously ill children in an attempt to bring a smiles to faces that haven’t done so for days.

In an attempt to cheer up one of his patients post-op, in 2017, 42-year-old Tony Adkins, from Orange County, California, decided to spontaneously break out into dance – and since then, boogying has become integral part to his methods of treatment.

Insisting smiling and being more interactive is ‘more powerful’ than some pain medication, Tony bops, shimmies and frolics with all of his patients at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), earning him the nickname ‘Dancing Doc’.