Dad Spends $16,000 Turning His Backyard Into A Race Track

Drifting fanatic Takeshi Teruya knew exactly what his dream home would look like – so when he bought his first home in Hamilton, he wasted no time in turning his fantasy into reality.

The father of two from New Zealand has turned his family home into more than just his castle, he’s turned it into his own personal drifting track. He transformed the regular driveway of his home in Hamilton into a 130m drifting track that he uses whenever he can with his Nissan Skyline 370GT.

The 37-year-old mechanic built a 130m drifting track at his Horotiu home, and says it has made him “the happiest man” in New Zealand.

After buying a house and land package for $370,000 in New Zealand, Teruya set about using recycled asphalt to build his dream at-home drifting track himself.