Cow Licks Reporter In Worst Place Possible While She Reports On A Dairy Farm

Hawaiian reporter Jobeth Devera of KGMB and KHNL discovered this cow wasn’t a gracious guest. Devera was doing a segment on a push for the legalization of raw milk in Hawaii when the aforementioned cow got way too friendly. Way too friendly.

At the beginning of the clip, the dark-haired newscaster is seen in the middle of a farmland area with cows hanging out behind the gated section next to her on the right.

The reporter begins walking towards the camera while offering facts about the woman who owns the farm. As she slowly passes the cows, several of the large animals seem rather disinterested in her.

When the reporter comes to a stop, a black cow sticks its head through the holes in the gate. At first, the woman reaches out to pet the animal for a moment.

A few short moments later the cow was filmed sticking its tongue trying to lick the reporter. On its last attempt, the cow successfully licked the woman right on her breast!

Fortunately for Devera, the segment was pre-taped and not live. That means she was able to respond with the proper amount of shock and then re-tape the segment. But she clearly understands how the internet works. She shared the outtake on Instagram and used it to promote her reporting.