Bizarre Moment Woman Screams ‘Rapist’ At Jetblue Airlines Worker

A 26-year-old California woman unleashed a tirade at a JetBlue employee at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport on Sunday after being denied boarding because she appeared sloshed.

“Get me out of this f—d up place, you rapists!” the woman, identified by police as Sabrina Rey Thomas of San Marcos, Calif., is seen and heard yelling at the video captured by another passenger.
“Thomas was screaming at help desk representative and jumping on the help desk counter, because she delayed after she missed her flight,” the deputy wrote in the report.

Some passengers had been delayed for about 10 hours when technical issues forced JetBlue to wait for another plane – but Thomas was scheduled for a flight that did not have any major delays. She was later restrained and arrested.