A Graffiti Artist Posted His Year-Long Battle With a Clean-Up Crew And It’s Hilarious

A graffiti artist has documented his year-long battle with a council worker who had to clean up his artwork 12 times – before he admitted defeat.

Artist Mobstr first noticed that a section of wall on an electricity substation in Hackney Wick in east London had been painted red to cover the graffiti. He spotted the council cleaner always buffed over the red section with paint, but used a pressure washer to remove graffiti from the plain area.

Mobstr then played cat-and-mouse with the Tower Hamlets Council by forcing them to repaint over his black words with the same red paint on the building. When the wall was half covered with red paint he started painting directly onto the brickwork.

He wrote ‘pressure wash’ in bold letters on the brickwork and ‘paint red’ on the painted section of the wall. But it would be the cleaner who had the last laugh, as one day they decided paint the entire building red.

Mobstr then sprayed his final tag admitting defeat saying: ‘Well, that’s one way to end it. Thanks mate, it’s been fun.’